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The classics on the Nintendo Switch are good for that

A Playstation hardly fits in the vacation case – but Nintendo’s Switch does. So it’s good that 2K is launching several of its classics for the mobile console. Photo series with 10 pictures Almost all titles in the “Borderlands” series, all “Bioshock games”, plus the strategy title “XCOM 2” – owners of Nintendo’s Switch cannot … Read more

“Borderlands” to “Bioshock” on the switch

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Almost all titles of the “Borderlands” series, all “Bioshock games”, plus the strategy title “XCOM 2” – Owners of Nintendos Switch can find out about a lack of new, old games this summer do not complain. Because three classics and classic series from Publisher 2K are now available as “Collection”. … Read more

“Someday You’ll Return” is horror in Moravian forests

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – The forests of Eastern Czech Republic can hardly be called a usual place for a video game. But this is exactly where the horror adventure game “Someday You’ll Return” takes place. Players take on the role of Daniel, whose daughter Stela has disappeared without a trace. Admittedly, it wasn’t the … Read more

Leisure opportunities skyrocket online

The leisure and entertainment industry has established itself as one of the main economic pillars throughout the planet, due to the growth experienced by the vast majority of its sectors during the last decade. That yes, this expansion cannot be understood without a determined bet to gain presence through the Internet, since these companies increasingly … Read more

Six board games for tablet and PC

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Board games are still one of the most popular hobbies for Germans. But for a few exciting rounds of “Settlers of Catan” it doesn’t necessarily have to be the big round at the living room table. Because many games are also available in software form, for online games via tablet, … Read more

“Maneater” makes players scare the seas

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – There are countless legends surrounding the shark as a supposedly malicious feeding machine, constantly fed by entertaining trash films such as “Sharknado”. Now the predator with its many teeth is also a video game hero: In “Maneater” by Tripwire Interactive, players draw a pixel blood trail through the animated ocean. … Read more

Odroid-H2 +: Mini PC with Gemini Lake on 11 × 11 cm for Ubuntu 04/20

  Picture: Hardkernel Hardkernel has started shipping the Odroid-H2 + mini PC. The 11 × 11 cm small single-board computer is based on an Intel Celeron of type Gemini Lake with four cores and runs with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (“Focal Fossa”). The tiny PC system also offers two SO-DIMM slots and two Ethernet connections with … Read more

upgrade from PS4 to PlayStation 5 will be free

Yestery CD Projekt Re surprise us by nnouncing tht Cyberpunk 2077 it hs been elye gin, now to November 9 of this yer. It is not minor issue, becuse together with The Lst of Us II becme the most nticipte of 2020. Despite the b news, toy the Polish stuio trie to lift the spirits … Read more