How To Prevent And Respond To Cyber Crime Globally

Cyber Crime A Growing Threat, But Do You Know How To Prevent From Being Attacked?

This article provides readers with a brief overview of cyber crime, a topic that has gripped the world of cybernetics, law enforcement agencies and Justice Departments of late in the wake of hacking of high profile companies and government computers, blacklisting of Russian ISP’s, clamping down on pedophiles and others.

A friend of mine once dubbed the internet as “the new frontier” because of its anonymity and its potential to be a haven for hackers and other cybercriminals to hide behind. He is totally right. There are no guarantees that crimes can’t be perpetrated via the internet, but they can be prevented.

Where the internetancy is concerned, there are several complicating factors. Aside from the obvious fact that it is a new phenomenon, far from a well-known entity, hacking has no definite organization and languages are used inter-changeably.

It is also true that common crimes like fraud, for example, are not limited to computer systems but to any type of installation including those humble brick and mortar holes in your neighbors house, your teenager’s room or even your own office. It is also true that pedophiles are not restricted to the confines of the computer.

The dangers of pedophiles can be much more common than is generally imagined. Recent studies show that one in the kids are approached sexually online, yet only one in a hundred approaches involving unwanted physical contact were reported.lavasoft’s online serviceplaces the safety of children online at risk. Ironically, despite the fact that one in the five children online contacts a pedophile, less than one in a hundred of those associated with an online service were aware of the service’s existence.

To close the gaps, the service providers in question offer links to web sites that allow users to protect children from online predators and pedophiles. Some of them track active profiles of children on their services and have them rated by their fellow members.

The results were not pretty. The most common activities were: solicitation, communication, exchange of date rules, listing rules with threats, sexual solicitation and navigation.

The dangers of online communication with members of the service were not limited to the fact that members reported almost 30% of the activities happened when the user was in a relationship. Online predators constantly message each other, some of them convey their location with the use of their cell phones, and some of them try to arrange meetings.

So what can parents do to protect their kids? Yahoo! Mail provides a free e-mail service for kid’s and parents can check out the website at Companies offering online dating provide services that allow people to meet in person without photos or the usual IM.

By the usage of this service, parents can check out what their kids are saying in real time and take a look at what kind of relationship their kids are having with their online friends.

The security of the internet is not in question. Individuals can ample utilize proxy servers to safeguard their kids. Researchers have found that kids who use online chatting and email can have tremendously low opinions of their parents.

For reliable and cost effective solutions to these problems, parents ought to use screening devices to monitor kid’s internet activities. This would enable them to filter content and address issues grey areas.


Security Against Cyber Crime – A Road Filled with Obstacles!

This week I’m an expert!

You know the rules:

I turn the screw and I fill the road with obstacles!

I turn the screw and I fill the road with obstacles!

Like a thief I stole my friend’s car-it was a nice car-and I took it to get a sales car repater service check done. After doing a mile high inspection, the service technician finds a worn spot on the car that was there when new. It’s brand new youTu, but it doesn’t pass the inspection! Well, it doesn’t the company wants to spend the money stuffing holes in the car. Instead they order me to take it to an auto parts store so they can try to figure out why the car had those problems. It was an old accident, a passenger suffered a serious injury and the other driver had been using drugs before the crash.

After the service parts manager reads the history of the car’s owner, he thinks the best thing to do is send it to an auto parts store for repair. So the car is running now, but it will take to the auto parts store to be fixed.

Not only was the victim inconvenience, but it was a potential legal issue since the car’s owner was at least suspected of having stolen it.

Also, why would a stranger stop at a stranger’s home to borrow a few hundred dollars just to show his driver’s license? Granted, it was his car, but still. It’s the wrong impression to put a stranger at your home for a ride. Aside from that, why would he let a complete stranger into his car? personally, I think he should have spent the $400 on a fingerprint vial and just used the $400 as he had coming from his employer’s cash account. This way, there’s no way he could be monitored through his company’s video camera or alarm system.

My advice? Call the police if you feel that someone has entered your home without your permission. Call the police if you feel that someone has broken into your car or bedroom without your permission. We all know how fast the police can get to a crime scene, once they have the suspect in custody. But when the police are not at the crime scene, how effective is their investigation?

Ok, I’m an expert! I know all of you would rather spend a few hundred dollars on a fingerprint vial than a few hundred dollars for an expert who can tell you EXACTLY where the key is that was used to open the door to your home or car. Please consider all this and think on it.

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