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How to minify html, javascript and css files to increase website speed

How to minify html,  javascript and css files to increase website speed

A successful online venture is significantly dependent on user experience whether it is a blog, an affiliate site, travel discount site, home renovation site or an online eCommerce or drop shipping store. When you botch your audience’s experience, don’t expect to convert them to paying customers. Fortunately, any company can improve user experience for better conversions. One of the most effective ways to do so is through increasing loading speed. Many website owners overlook this basic yet crucial aspect of the website. A mere increase of loading time from eight seconds to two seconds increases your conversion rate by 74%.

There are various techniques on how to increase your load speed and one of the most effective is to minify your CSS and JavaScript assets.


How to determine the code to be minified

When talking about code minifying, we mean the deliberate deleting of characters that don’t serve any function in your code in order to improve readability. Such minimization removes excess characters. Consequently, the bandwidth is reduced thus boosting page loading speed. PageSpeed Insights help you easily identify which code requires minification.


Optimizing Your Codes

After you have found the code to minify, it is time to do so. One of the best ways to do so is to leverage on the automated tools. These tools are CSS minifier and JSCompress.


The CSS Minifier

This is a free and simple tool whose main function is to automatically compress CSS assets. When you need to minify, copy the code and paste it on the input filed and simply click “Minify”. Minifying the code will take a few seconds depending on the size of the code. You can then copy the new while using the minifier, don’t forget to back up your code. You can create offline or cloud-based copies to do this. You can also use to compress your large css files to create fastest web sites.


Using Asynchronous loading on JavaScript

JavaScript is not as easy to minify as CSS. It is important to implement asynchronous code loading before minimizing JavaScript. Yu can do this by adding the “async” tag when calling the .js file which can be done in the website’s HTML source code.


Combining JavaScript files

You can also optimize your code by combining java files on a single page. This reduces the number of HTTP request your page makes and consequently reducing load time. You can use the editor to combine files.


Using JSCompress

The JSCompress is similar to the CSS minifier. It also works in the same way. Copy, paste and click the “compress JavaScript” button. Use this tool from to compress jss files to create fastest web sites.


Remove redundant code

Sometimes your website may contain redundant or duplicate code which makes it load slowly. This may occur when some page elements were deleted causing the code to remain unused. There are built in developer tools in Google Chrome to find redundant code. The main Google Chrome menu provides for more tools where the developer tools are found. It can be tedious to remove the excess code one by one but it is a necessary evil to offer a flawless experience on your website.

You can also use  to minify large files which helps increase website speed. Website speed depends very much on the hosting platform or website hosting provider you choose. We have carefully selected top 10 lists of best website hosting companies.

Large html files also slows down website speed, so use to minify html files which helps increase website speed

Minifying and combining files may sound so technical for a non-developer but with the right tools and web host, then you are set to transform your website.


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